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 Conversational Portuguese

Learn European Portuguese - Overview of Language Programs

Continental Portuguese Vocabulary Series 1

Continental Portuguese Series 2

Continental Portuguese Series 3

Conversational Portuguese Volume 1 Workbook

Conversational Portuguese Volume 2

Downloadable Ser and Estar Portuguese Lesson

English for Portuguese Speakers/Inglês Básico

European Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 1

European Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 2

European Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 3

Portuguese Medical Vocabulary

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 Conversational Spanish

Learn Spanish - Overview of Language Programs

Conversational Spanish 1

Conversational Spanish 2

Downloadable Ser and Estar Spanish Lesson

Downloadable Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns Spanish Lesson NEW!

Downloadable Reflexive Verbs and Pronouns Spanish Lesson NEW!

Downloadable Por and Para Spanish Lesson NEW!

Downloadable Subjunctive Mood Spanish Lesson NEW!

Downloadable The Subjunctive in Dependent Clauses Spanish Lesson NEW!

English for Spanish Speakers/Inglés Para Hispanos

Practical Spanish Vocabulary Lessons

Spanish Phrases for Socializing and Developing Relationships

Spanish for Construction Workers

Spanish for Dietitians

Spanish for Gardeners

Spanish for Law Enforcement

Spanish for Teachers

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Study European Portuguese Abroad in the Azores

Portuguese Language Immersion Program Overview & Details

Portuguese Language Immersion Program Tentative Itinerary

Accommodations in the Azores

Azorean Culture

Portuguese Language Immersion Program Testimonials