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Maria's free Spanish language lessons and interactive exercises are for beginners. They are intended to introduce and demonstrate basic Spanish language concepts. Lessons are structured to increase vocabulary while also showing the appropriate grammatical placement of the words in a sentence. Beginning at a simple level, the lessons become more complex as they progress. Study one lesson per week to enhance your vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language.


We've provided Spanish Lesson #1 as a sample below. For 5 more free lessons and 8 interactive exercises (crossword puzzles and quizzes), email us and we'll send you the link to access them - all free!



For complete grammar explanations, more vocabulary lessons and pronunciation practice, please consider the Spanish language courses listed below.


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Spanish Language Lesson 1

Lesson 1 is an introduction of the definite article, nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Brief, and to the point, this lesson demonstrates the ease with which a student can begin to absorb second language material.  Start by:  Memorizing the words and their meanings, and practice saying them aloud. Your success with this first lesson will build your confidence, and you'll be eagerly looking for more!


Article - definite:    
Nouns: places in the city
el restaurante
el edificio
el supermercado
national park
el parque nacional
el aeropuerto
El restaurante es pequeño.
El edificio es grande.
El supermercado es pequeño.
El parque nacional es grande.
El aeropuerto es pequeño.

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