The Subjunctive Mood: Spanish Downloadable Lesson

Downloadable Spanish Lesson for Intermediate to Advanced Students.


Graphic: Downloadable Spanish Lesson on The Subjunctive Mood

The Subjunctive Mood

Are you overwhelmed by the Spanish subjunctive mood and how it functions?

Intermediate and advanced students will clarify the conditions of use and the actual formation of the present of the subjunctive when they study the examples and practice using the exercises.

This Spanish downloadable lesson features manageable sections that break it down for meaningful comprehension.

Answers are provided to check your progress. You’ll be amazed when the mystery of the subjunctive melts into complete understanding!


  • First, study the introduction to the Subjunctive Mood.
  • Then, the practice exercises offers the repetition necessary for a thorough understanding of the subject.
  • Finally, an answers seccion is provided. Check your progress often.

    Completion of this lesson will boost your conversational Spanish skill level as well as your confidence in using the Spanish Subjunctive in a sentence.


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