Downloadable Spanish Lesson: Por and Para

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Graphic: Downloadable Spanish Lesson on Por and Para

Por and Para

Are you puzzled by the various uses of por and para?

They both mean “for,” but which preposition is the correct word to use?

This downloadable lesson presents clearly stated examples of proper usage for the prepositions por and para. Study the rules and idioms, then use the exercises to practice what you have learned. Develop your Spanish language skills with this focused study of a challenging subject.


  • First, a detailed review of por and para usage, including idioms, makes sure you have all the rules to guide your word choices.
  • Then, abundant practice exercises enable you to put the rules into practice while providing the repetition you need for retention.
  • Finally, the answer section allows you to check your progress and discover those areas that need more practice.

Completion of this lesson will boost your conversational Spanish skill level as well as your confidence in using these important and challenging prepositions.

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