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Live on Zoom - Spring1 term begins March 5th at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Online Center, with a variety of affordable Portuguese and Spanish language classes, online courses, and a new Special Topic Workshop series for Spanish. Classes are primarily for adult learners with each term lasting for six weekly sessions.

"Our classes feature small groups of ten or fewer students so that there is more time for individual attention which, of course, leads to faster learning," explains Maria Oliveira, director of Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center. “We work closely with our students to guide them towards becoming bilingual, whether it is through a live conversational language class or online options.”

2024 class Schedule will be available soon

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New Spanish downloadable Lessons Posted!

Ser and Estar

Por and Para

Reflexive Pronouns

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

The Subjunctive Mood

The Subjunctive in Dependent Clauses


NEW Language Learning Programs on MP3


New! European Portuguese & Spanish Available on MP3 format!

  • Instant Download - Begin Learning Immediately!
  • More than 30 convenient Lessons in each program to use when and where you wish.
  • Compatible with PC/Mac, iPod/iPhone, MP3 players
  • Also included: PDF Guide to vocabulary lessons
  • Upon completion of your order you'll be issued a link to access the files.

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European Portuguese Volume 1 European Portuguese Volume 2 European Portuguese Volume 3 European Portuguese Medical Vocabulary Practical Spanish Vocabulary Volume 1 Spanish Phrases


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Our 2024 Class Schedule will be available soon!

Learn to Speak Spanish, European Portuguese and English for non-Native Speakers.


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