Learn to Speak Portuguese: Educational and Cultural Resources


Photo: Portuguese Language and CultureTo assist with Portuguese language learning and cultural interests we've provided some of our favorite links for your enjoyment. When you are looking for cultural information or travel ideas, links on this page will provide hours of relevant material. For language study, you'll find authentic native speakers, new vocabulary, and pronunciation practice. Enhance your Portuguese language learning experience today; we've done the research for you!


Resources will be added and reviewed periodically. Please check back for updates! 



Portuguese Educational Resources:

  • Portuguese Classes Online features Maria's Online Lessons for Spanish, Portuguese and English that are available on the website. The current age of technological advancement makes learning lessons on your computer so user-friendly that it was a natural next-step from books and CDs. Don't forget to check out the latest MP3 downloads, too!
  • Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center offer European and Brazilian Portuguese Classes and private lessons.
  • Acoriano Oriental: Newspaper in Portuguese.
  • Necco.ca: This website provides a nice overview of the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese.
  • Pretty Girl-Linda Menina is a delightful and engaging children’s story, wonderfully illustrated with text both in Portuguese and English.


Portuguese Cultural Resources:

  • Portuguese Festas: An updated list in pdf format stating all Portuguese festas in CA.
  • Portuguese History:
  • Fado: Fado is, nowadays, a world wide known symbol of Portugal, being represented for many years in foreign countries by Amália, and more recently by Dulce Pontes, among others. Although taking many forms as it is sung in Porto, in Coimbra or in Lisbon, the Fado is, by self-earned right, the expression of the Portuguese soul.
  • World Heritage Sites in Portugal. Site is in English and offers culture information about national monuments in Portugal.
  • Portuguese Homestyle Cooking and Portuguese Recipes: This site features an excellent recipe book by Ana Patuleia Ortins. 
  • Maria Oliveira's favorite Portuguese recipes
  • Portuguese Recipes at Gastronomia de Portugal.
  • O Sabio, RTP
  • A Ferreirinha consiste em episódios sobre a vida da proprietária  Antónia Ferreira, lutadora pela proteção do vinho no Douro. Também apresenta o escritor Camilo Castelo Branco, autor da novela Amor de Prediçao, e a sua relação amorosa com Ana Plácido.