Reviews/Testimonials of Maria Oliveira Programs and Classes

Learn Spanish and European Portuguese at affordable rates!

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I am a student at Maria Oliveira’s language learning center where I have attended both in-person and on-line classes in Richmond as well as via Zoom. In both cases the interaction with Maria and students is terrific. My preference, since this virus has us all sheltering in place, is to continue the classes with Maria on line. Zoom works great. It’s as good as being in the same room with Maria and saves a lot of time traveling back and forth to the classroom. Zoom is as personal as you need it to be with as much interaction as you could possibly need without having to get in the car and drive. Maria has done an excellent job with organizing the Zoom classroom meets, and I enjoy the weekly contact with Maria, who is an excellent language teacher, patient and knowledgeable.

- Malcolm Montanjees, Benicia, CA


It is difficult to express how grateful I am for having the opportunity to participate in several sections of Maria Oliveira's Spanish language training courses. I have benefited in many ways: An improved memory, a better understanding of the language and culture, and the ability to communicate with new friends.

- Don Heckman, Spanish


Hola, I have been studying Spanish for five months under Maria Oliveira. I love her and the instruction she provides. I signed up for a class, however I get personal tutoring. Something I never expected! Learning a second language at my age is challenging, however this experience has been great!  Come join us! Hasta luego!

- Cynthia Watkins, Beginning Spanish


Go Maria! Speaking, reading, writing, listening. Maria covers all the basis in her Spanish classes using materials she has developed. I found the classes stimulating and comfortable with time for laughter. Best of all was the trip to Mexico where we worked in small groups, beside the pool, and roamed the town to practice our language skills. Many thanks to Maria.

- Liz Keiley-Roark

This is the very best teaching and learning material on the market.

-Reverend Sandra Reza, Vallejo, CA


Thank you Maria, for everything you’ve thought me to this point in my Spanish. Having parents who came from Mexico and a father who thought learning English was hard and who decided not to teach his children Spanish has been a tough experience for me of Mexican descent. The book and the CDs are great and exceptional. Something I can continue to use for years.

- Marguerita Wray, Fairfield CA


These materials make all the difference in getting the right pronunciation practice and review or what we are learning in class. My books are well used and coffee stained. They travel with me everywhere.

- Cathy Park, Point Richmond CA


Your Spanish program’s written material is fun and valuable, the audio is clear and helpful. The cost is very reasonable.

- Steve Wood, Berkeley CA


The CDs and workbooks are exceptional as learning aids.

- Kristina Combs, El Cerrito CA


The books and CDs are wonderful clear direct & easy to follow.

- Pat Marra, Richmond CA


The Spanish language materials (books & CDs) are very useful and convenient in everyday life.

- Mina Tamashiro , Fairfield CA


The workbooks/cds/website and classes have all been very helpful. My confidence is truly building and I am beginning to feel more comfortable communicating in this great language. I am very grateful for Maria's classes and I reccomend her to anyone who is thinking of learning the language for the first time or thinking of returning to learning the language.

- Artrese Morrison


Maria Oliveira's Spanish Program is both excellent and awesome. Like the movie critics would say two thumbs up to Maria. I think of Maria being one of my mentors, she is a wonderful teacher, very patient and really enjoys teaching. The spanish class is so well organized, the CDs have helped me tremendously, also the class itself really helps one to improve. As Maria mentioned in the first class you have to be patient also very determined that you will master the language. Also it takes years to really master the language. It is more than worth the price for the course.

- Inez Jennings


I've learned so much from Maria Oliveira's programs! For three years I loved attending Maria Oliveira's adult school classes. She is a wonderful teacher! When my work hours changed and I couldn't attend class anymore, I used her workbooks to keep practicing. But the best thing is the audio program because I can listen during my long commute. I also purchased one of the online classes and got additional practice with verbs. Maria's materials have been so easy to use, I really recommend them. My Spanish has definitely improved, and I think the prices are a real bargain, too.

- Linda S. Barrett


I thought the CDs were very good. The cards that accompany the CDs are very helpful. I carry them with me everywhere I go.

- Jeff Cain, El Sobrante CA


The materials are clear, concise and easy to understand.

- Arinel Humphrey, El Sobrante CA


The workbook is great. The directions are very explanatory. The CDs are a great help in helping with the pronunciation of the language.

- Bertha Brown, Berkeley CA


The workbook and CDs are great! Excellent tools I take the CDs with me while driving (long commute) to keep me learning Spanish.

- Kathy Ahoy, Richmond CA


The workbook is really easy to read and follow along. The CDs are nice also because you repeat everything and give us enough time to repeat the words along with you.

- Tim Cardwell, Fairfield CA


I like the course materials. There are lots of written exercises which helped me to reinforce what I’ve learned. The Read Along and CDs also help to facilitate my progress.

- Kay Berger, Librarian, Berkeley, CA


Excellent for obtaining a “working” familiarity to the language. Materials good for commute periods (CDs).

- Anna Ortiz, Teacher, Counselor,
Rehab. Specialist, El Sobrante, CA


Taking what could have been complex and making it simple. Separating the lessons or information into manageable “chunks” that within each lesson items related and “used” each other. The lessons were all relevant to what would/will realistically be used while visiting Portugal.

- Tiffany Paynton, Teacher and Artist,
MDSD-Adult Education, Concord, CA


Good basic reinforcement of the language I learned at home informally from my parents, grandparents and numerous visits to the Azores as a child. In addition to the learning to correct old/bad grammatical tendencies, the discussion of cultural details a bonus.

- Venceslau Silveira, Administrative Assistant,
Consulate of Portugal, San Pablo, CA


Books & CDs combine to make learning while out of class helpful. Books provide useful exercises that help to reinforce lessons.

- Michael Chao, Assistant Project Manager, Richmond, CA


"I attended your class for the first time last night, and I am so pleased with the class and with you, Maria! I loved your approach, that this should be approached without fear, or fear of failure or frustration -- a problem for so many adults who feel intimidated and self-conscious. Thanks so much."

- Roxane Wellman, Fairfield, CA