Maria Oliveira awarded California Adult Education Students Succeed Award


Photo: Maria accepting teaching award
Maria (center) accepting teaching award

Purpose of Award: Adult education in California serves over two million students annually through a multiple provider system of public adult schools, community colleges, libraries, community and faith based organizations, and correctional institutions. The California Adult Education Students Succeed project identifies learners who have reached their life goals as a result of their participation in the adult education system and are now active participants in their communities. The project disseminates the stories of these former students and the exemplary programs that assisted them.

Criteria considered:

The nominee:

  • 1. is an adult with significant life responsibilities, such as those related to employment, family, and/or community.
  • 2. has established and met life goals as a result of completing an adult education program.
  • 3. has improved the life situation of self/others as a result of learning experience.
  • 4. has overcome difficult circumstances in order to pursue adult learning experiences.


Maria was nominated by the Fairfield - Suisun Adult School, where she has taught Spanish for 15 years.


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