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The following traveling tips are for your safety and comfort when traveling in Mexico. You may be aware of some of these tips, but a review of them will prevent problems before they arise.

  • Use common sense when undertaking new activities; if you are not used to a higher level of activity, or if you have never participated in a specific physical event, use caution, and consider your own limitations.

  • Avoid buying food from street vendors. The level of hygiene in casual presentations is not what you are used to.

  • In restaurants, avoid the special of the day; leftover food is sometimes redesigned as 'special.' Also, avoid lettuce and tomatoes.

  • Use only bottled water, even to brush your teeth.

  • Travel light. Dragging heavy luggage through airports, onto buses, or into hotels is no fun.

  • Always carry Kleenex with you, especially on side trips. You never know what is available at public restrooms.

  • Someone is always at the hotel to take a message for you in case of emergency. However, for extended phone conversations, please check with your service provider before you leave home to make sure cell service is accessible with your personal phone. There are also public pay phones available in town should your cell phone fail to connect.

  • Rincón de Guayabitos and Peñita have an internet café available. The hourly cost is minimal, and morning hours are the best times to get service. The café opens at 9:00 A.M.

  • In the hot and humid areas, it is a cultural tradition to have a siesta, usually from noon to 3:00 P.M. to avoid the heat. Follow the custom and avoid activities that require great exertion. It's a wonderful time to study and do your homework!

  • If you feel you must make use of the hotel laundry facilities, be prepared to tip each and every staff person who assists you, whether they delivered your laundry or washed it.


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