MARIA OLIVEIRA Releases New European Portuguese Vocabulary Series




May 18, 2011

" This is the very best teaching and learning material on the market."
— Reverend Sandra Reza, Vallejo, CA

“These materials make all the difference in getting the right pronunciation practice.”
—   Cathy Park, Point Richmond CA

“The workbooks/cds/website and classes have all been very helpful. My confidence is truly building and I am beginning to feel more comfortable communicating in this great language. I am very grateful for Maria's classes and I recommend her to anyone who is thinking of learning the language for the first time or thinking of returning to learning the language.”
— Artrese Morrison

Maria Oliveira, owner of Maria Oliveira Language Consulting Services Company and Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, has issued three new CD's entitled European Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 1, European Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 2 and European Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 3.

For the beginner to the advanced language student, increasing vocabulary is an important key to effectively communicating in any language. The three volumes of European Portuguese vocabulary are designed for the independent, motivated language learner who wants to increase vocabulary and comprehension skills. The three CDs can be approached in any order, but when approached as a whole unit, they provide a full and rounded exposure to new words on a wide variety of subjects.

With European Portuguese Vocabulary CD - Volume 1 individuals can learn hundreds of Portuguese words in 22 CD audio lessons. Topics include family, nature, travel, shopping, business, and more. One can increase their communication skills by practicing correct pronunciation as taught by a native speaker. Included are reference cards for a quick spell check.

European Portuguese Vocabulary CD - Volume 2 continues with 21 CD lessons. Individuals learn vocabulary that names health and associated problems, jobs, and places within a city. Enhance conversational skills with adjectives and verbs to make sentences flow. Reference cards are included for visual learning.

The third volume in the Portuguese Vocabulary series, European Portuguese Vocabulary CD -- Volume 3, contains 20 lessons of all new words for a variety of subjects. Individuals learn the areas of a home and the objects in them. Name the parts of the human body, and helpful health related nouns to go with them. Foods that make up a meal will increase ones comfort level when dining at a home or in a restaurant. Individuals will also learn about clothing and study words about education, including items found in a classroom. Reference cards are also included.

All three CD’s allow individuals to listen and practice the correct pronunciation taught by a native speaker. These CD’s are a portable study tool that empowers individuals to practice, speak and understand Portuguese on their own schedule.

Maria was educated in Portugal, the U.S. Mexico and Madrid, Spain. She has a B.A. in Portuguese and Spanish and an M.A. in Spanish from California State University, Sacramento. She is also a credentialed instructor for California Community Colleges and has extensive teaching experience in high schools, adult education, community colleges, and in the UC system. Maria is also the owner and Director of the Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center in Pinole, California, which offers courses in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English for non-native speakers.

As a language program specialist, she develops conversational and technical educational materials, which consist of CDs, workbooks, and online courses that allow anyone to learn to speak Portuguese or Spanish on their own. Being a most enthusiastic instructor who loves teaching, Maria makes sure that her students achieve their full potential by encouraging communication skills in a positive environment. While they are learning how to communicate with others, they gain an appreciation for the language and culture.

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