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Learn to speak Portuguese or Spanish at the West Contra Costa Adult Education Center in Richmond, CA. All classes run for 6 weeks. Course fees range from $135 to $225 and classes are 1 to 3 hours in length.

The following Portuguese and Spanish language courses are being offered (details here: Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center and you can also download a mail-in registration form at the web site).

Conversational Portuguese 1. Participants learn basic Portuguese vocabulary and grammar as well as useful phrases needed when traveling and doing business in Portuguese-speaking countries. Conversation is encouraged through interactive activities. Cultural visual materials will be presented and used to aid with communication skills. No previous knowledge of the language is required.

Spanish Introduction. Do you want to learn to speak Spanish, but don’t know where to begin? This gently paced introductory course is for you! Learn the vocabulary needed to exchange greetings, give directions, tell time, read a menu - and much more. Instructor sells workbook and four (4) CDs for approximately $65.

Spanish - Beginning 1. No prerequisite. Did you take a Spanish class in high school or college, but it’s been a while? Did you learn to use some key phrases when you traveled, but want to become more fluent? In this beginning Spanish language class, students learn basic vocabulary and grammar, and practice conversational Spanish in a relaxed classroom setting. Instructor sells workbook and four (4) CDs for approximately $56.

Spanish – Beginning 2. This class uses vocabulary and grammar introduced in Spanish Beginning 1. New verb tenses are taught and practiced. Students will increase their communication skills by writing sentences and participating in conversation. They will improve their ability to speak Spanish by reading and discussing stories in Spanish. Instructor sells workbook and four (4) CDs for approximately $65.

Spanish - Beginning 3. This Spanish class continues to increase vocabulary and grammar concepts introduced in Spanish Beginning 1 and Spanish Beginning 2. Cultural topics are discussed in small groups to build oral communication. Students will make oral presentations about current or cultural events.

All classes are taught by language instructor and consultant Maria Oliveira. Maria was educated in Portugal, the U.S. and Madrid, Spain. She has a B.A. in Spanish and Portuguese from California State University, Sacramento and an M.A. in Spanish from Sacramento State. She’s also a credentialed instructor for California Community Colleges and has extensive teaching experience in high schools, adult education, community colleges, and in the UC system. As a language program specialist, she develops conversational and technical educational materials which consist of CDs and workbooks that allow anyone to learn to speak Spanish or Portuguese on their own. Being a most enthusiastic instructor who loves teaching, Maria makes sure that her students learn. While they are learning, they enjoy and gain an appreciation for the language and the culture in a safe and warm learning environment.

Maria can be contacted at: 510-223-3320


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All our Spanish and Portuguese Classes are all live online via Zoom