Spanish Language Immersion Program in Nayarit, Mexico is no longer offered


Travel with Spanish language instructor Maria Oliveira to Mexico and immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture.

A seven day Spanish language study program is planned for November 11 - 18 in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Students will learn to speak Spanish by attending formal classes for six days from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and spend afternoons practicing their newly acquired language skills with the natives of the small communities of Guayabitos and Peñita under the guidance of their instructor and guide, Maria Oliveira.

The package price is $895.00 double occupancy and $1,000.00 single occupancy. It includes transfer from Puerto Vallarta airport to hotel, accommodations at Villa Corona del Mar, breakfast, classes, class materials (book and audio), escorted tours of Rincón de Guayabitos and La Peñita and three hours of guided language practice in the afternoons.

More details can be found on their web site.

Maria Oliveira, owner of Maria Oliveira Language Consulting Services, was educated in Portugal, the U.S. and Madrid, Spain. She has a B.A. in Spanish and Portuguese from California State University, Sacramento and an M.A. in Spanish from Sacramento State. She’s also a credentialed instructor for California Community Colleges and has extensive teaching experience in high schools, adult education, community colleges, and in the UC system. In addition to teaching Spanish, Maria also teaches Portuguese and translates. As a language program specialist, she develops conversational and technical educational materials which consist of CDs, audiotapes and workbooks that allow anyone to learn to speak Spanish or Portuguese on their own. Being a most enthusiastic instructor who loves teaching, Maria makes sure that her students learn. While they are learning, they enjoy and gain an appreciation for the language and the culture in a safe and warm learning environment.

Maria can be contacted at: 510-223-3320 or

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