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Online Spanish Language Courses - Irregular Verbs

Table of Contents

Introduction to Online Spanish Language - Irregular Verbs

Lesson 1: The Verb Agradecer | Interactive Exercises: Agradecer - We've activated this lesson and interactive exercise below.

Lesson 2: The Verb Caer | Interactive Exercises: Caer

Lesson 3: The Verb Conocer | Interactive Exercises: Conocer

Lesson 4: The Verb Dar | Interactive Exercises: Dar

Lesson 5: The Verb Hacer | Interactive Exercises: Hacer

Lesson 6: The Verb Poner | Interactive Exercises: Poner

Lesson 7: The Verb Saber | Interactive Exercises: Saber

Lesson 8: The Verb Salir | Interactive Exercises: Salir

Lesson 9: The Verb Traer | Interactive Exercises: Traer

Lesson 10: The Verb Ver | Interactive Exercises: Ver

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Lesson 11: The Verb Conducir | Interactive Exercises: Conducir

Lesson 12: The Verb Estar | Interactive Exercises: Estar

Lesson 13: The Verb Ir | Interactive Exercises: Ir

Lesson 14: The Verb Jugar | Interactive Exercises: Jugar

Lesson 15: The Verb Ofrecer | Interactive Exercises: Ofrecer

Lesson 16: The Verb Oir | Interactive Exercises: Oir

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SPANISH 1 Interactive Practice Exercises
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Verb Infinitives Review Puzzle


Lesson 1


to thank


In the present tense, the first person is irregular. 

Study its conjugation. 

Singular   Plural  
yo agradezco nosotros/as agradecemos
tú agradeces vosotros/as agradecéis
él agradece ellos agradecen
ella agradece ellas agradecen
usted agradece ustedes agradecen


Here is an example of how to use it in a sentence:

Yo le agradezco mucho su regalo.

I thank you very much for your gift.



Listen and repeat the following sentences using the verb agradecer.

En la reunión, Alberto le agradece al director.
Antonio le agradece a Ud. por sus palabras amables.
Nosotros les agradecemos a los niños.
Usted le agradece a Teresa por su trabajo.
Tú le agradeces mucho a Ana por su regalo.
Yo te lo agradezco.
Yo no les agradezco ahora, pero sí mañana.
Rita y Juan no le agradecen a José.
Vosotros os olvidáis de agradecerle a Ana.
Ustedes le agradecen a José más tarde. 

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