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Conversational Spanish Classes for Doctors, Registered Nurses, Medical Staff and Social Workers in the East Bay


Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Our program for Spanish language learners in the Healthcare Industry is the keystone course in our Continuing Education series. As the demand for bilingual services in healthcare increases, this program provides the opportunity to increase productivity, effectiveness, and self-confidence for all levels of personnel in the healthcare workplace. Students use their new Spanish language skills from first contact, through diagnosis and follow-up care, to ongoing instruction and advice regarding medications and other treatments. The importance of providing clarity and mutual understanding between clients and staff professionals is often undermined when there is a language barrier. Lift that barrier by learning culturally-sensitive Spanish phrases and sentences, by accurately obtaining demographics, and by clearly understanding symptoms and family dynamics around matters such as childcare. You will increase client and patient comfort with your new Spanish language skills, improve your ability to interview and triage new arrivals, and develop pride in providing excellent care to all.  


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Spanish for Social Services

Social Services professionals and support staff provide a wide range of assistance to a diverse population. Such assistance can be life-changing, even life-saving, so we understand the importance of communication. Maria Oliveira has developed a Spanish language program that is devoted to social services situations as defined by individuals who actually work in the field. We provide the key words and phrases that will obtain demographics, identify needs, complete the paper work, provide clearly understood plans for follow-up, and more. Using culturally sensitive words for greetings or personal questions can minimize misunderstandings and ease the emotions of both client and staff member. Don’t waste time waiting for an interpreter! You can increase your efficiency and productivity by becoming bilingual. Learn to speak Spanish with a focus on social services clientele, and watch your on-the-job performance improve in times of crisis or in normal processing.


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