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There are many approaches to language learning because people learn in different ways. For example, some students enjoy memorization while others prefer interacting in conversational situations. Certainly, there are no right or wrong ways to learn, and, in fact, if you use more than one method of learning, you absorb more information, your motivation is renewed, and you won't get bored. Here are three tips for language learning that apply to any method you choose; frame your study habits around them and you will learn faster and more efficiently. 


1. Focus on vocabulary.

Vocabulary LearningThe key to fluency is being able to pull the appropriate word out of your memory in order to express yourself. You can increase your vocabulary by making the process portable: buy or make flash cards that are easy to carry around!  Or you could try to name the items in your home, perhaps doing it a room at a time. Look at the object, and say its name aloud. You can even use sticky notes to put labels around the house to remind yourself of the new word. There are many ways to learn vocabulary; just remember to review the words often, and say them out loud!


2. Understand the pattern in a basic sentence.

A sentence usually has a subject, an object, and a verb; look at the order of these words in your new language. Observe how questions are formed. Once you understand how simple sentences are made, try to repeat the pattern. As your studies continue you will find that this word order is the building block for more complicated constructions. Refer back to this basic arrangement of words when you are creating your own sentences. 


3. Practice, practice, practice!

Conversational-Language LearningEngage in conversations in your new language. Take a class, listen to radio and tv programs, to music and CDs, even to audio books. There are so many options to choose from! You start by listening to the words, and soon you will hear the sentences. Remember to repeat what you hear; say the words out loud! Practice the pronunciation while you are absorbing the meanings of the words. 


If you use these tips to guide your studies you will enjoy success sooner than you expected. And here is the biggest tip of all: Don't ever give up!

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