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Spanish for Law EnforcementSpanish language skills have become increasingly important for police officers, security personnel, and fire fighters because our Spanish-speaking population has grown significantly, and it continues to grow. It isn’t just emergencies that make the ability to speak Spanish so important, either, although emergencies do require immediate action. Imagine having to wait for a translator when you want someone to evacuate a building! Spanish language programs that teach immediately usable skills are in demand for those high pressure situations that frequently have life or death consequences. However, consider how helpful speaking or understanding Spanish would also be when interviewing witnesses, or easing the stress of a parent who needs assistance, or asking simple questions.


Learning to speak Spanish also means learning to understand Spanish. A person asking for help needs to explain the problem. Is it a fire? Is someone hurt? Is a child missing? It isn’t necessary to be grammatically correct, or to speak in complete sentences, although that would be very handy in many situations. But for fire fighters and security personnel and the police, simply knowing key words and phrases will help in identifying problems, describing individuals, and calming confused or panicked people.


In an emergency, those particular Spanish words and phrases will ease stress, identify issues, and get an action accomplished immediately. Employers will admire the increased efficiency of their police and fire personnel. In fact, some employers ask for group workshops to provide Spanish lessons designed for specific work-related purposes. For telephone responders or those who issue orders in the midst of chaos, using the Spanish language is an invaluable skill that is too vital to ignore.


Maria Oliveira provides Spanish language training that is designed for specific purposes as requested by employers. She will provide the space at her Language Learning Center in Pinole, California, or she will come to your location, bringing affordable, effective Spanish language classes. For individuals who will study on their own, Spanish for Law Enforcement is an audio program complete with workbook and CDs that can be purchased from our website. The material offers essential words and phrases that can be learned at any pace.


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