Following are some comments of the memorable Portuguese language immersion trip by Maria's students:


Photo Portuguese dancers, learn Portugues in the Azores"This has been a trip of a lifetime. I have learned so very much...I can hardly wait for next year so I can come back. The hospitable people bring tears to my eyes and a tugging, longing in my heart." - Kathleen and Hank Serpa


"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The combination of travel and academics was excellent. The course materials and your teaching style made the academic program both informative and fun." - Ray Nobriga

"Thank you so much for your hard work and knowledge of the language and culture to make this trip so successful." - David Miller

Photo waterfall in the Azores, language immersion program here"The beauty is wonderful, but the opportunity to meet local people is harder to do on my own so I appreciated that with the tour." - Cherie Furtado

"Muito Bem! The workbooks were easy to follow and provided the information we needed to begin to speak Portuguese." - Timothy Rahill

"I never had an experience like this--where we had such an immersion into the culture and the warm-hearted, good nature of the Velas community! I really appreciated it!" - Vicky Henderson