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Photo: Spanish Language and CultureEnhance your Spanish language learning experience with websites that offer basic Spanish language study tips, cultural information, photos, readings for advanced students, and much more.


Whether you are planning a trip, have professional interests, or simply enjoy getting deeper into your Spanish language and culture subjects, there is lots of information available to you.


Resources will be added and reviewed periodically. Please check back for updates!  

Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!




Spanish Literature

Maria de Jorge Isaacs - PDF


Spanish Culture

Destinos: 52 episodes telenovela to teach Spanish.

Flamenco Buzz: The latest announcements, reviews, photos and more from flamenco fans around the world.

The Flamenco Shop: More than just an online shop. They have an extensive database of flamenco articles and resources which both newcomers and "aficionados" will find interesting.

Theatre Flamenco The oldest flamenco dance company in the nation.

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center Small group classes, one-on-one tutoring, online courses, self-study workbooks, downloadable lessons, portable audio lessons, and specialty courses that focus on specific grammar usages are options that can be combined and alternated so that fluency develops quickly. 

Spanish-English Dictionary

Spanish Language Newspapers

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals This site provides instruction, information, and study tips for individuals who wish to learn Spanish for professional or personal reasons.

Word Reference: Online Spanish translation dictionary.