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Learn to speak Conversational Spanish or Portuguese and save money at the same time when you take advantage of our Monthly Specials. The language learning programs that we place on sale are for independent learners who enjoy listening to Spanish or Portuguese CDs or MP3 downloads when they are on the go, as well as for those who wish to learn to speak a second language using interactive computer lessons. Whether you are just starting your language learning program or are well into your language studies, the courses on sale expand vocabulary skills, provide practice for memory retention, and augment any language course. Check back often to find the Monthly Special that will boost your Conversational Spanish or Conversational Portuguese skills. 


European Portuguese Monthly Specials


Portuguese Vocabulary - Series 1 

is a complete, self-contained Portuguese language program consisting of two CDs, two reference cards, a transcript of the audio lessons, and an illustrated workbook with over 40 pages of written exercises, puzzles, and self-testing quizzes.

An answer section is included for easy referral.

The material covers basic vocabulary, useful phrases for conversation, and also includes some introductory grammar constructions.

The audio lessons feature a native speaker using authentic pronunciation, while the workbook sharpens reading and writing skills through exercises that can be repeated as needed.

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Original Price: $39.95

978-1-888165-21-0 ON SALE $35.95

SALE ENDS 9-15-2017

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Does the usage of the verbs Ser and Estar in Portuguese puzzle you?

Perhaps you have studied them but are still unsure about which verb is appropriate in your Portuguese sentences.

This downloadable Portuguese lesson reviews the various expressions of "to be" and provides practice on how to use bothSer and Estar correctly.

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Original Price: $8.95

DLSerPort  ON SALE for only $7.60

SALE ENDS 9-15-2017

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European Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 1, 2 and 3 on CD

Portuguese language learners can now purchase all three of Maria’s Portuguese vocabulary CD programs bundled into one affordable price and available for a limited time ONLY!

Featuring fifty-seven lessons on three CDs, these programs expand your Portuguese conversational tools with a wide range of subjects. From food to household items, from shopping to medical needs, and so much more, all words are useful for business and social interactions with native European Portuguese speakers. Practice on your own schedule in your car, at home, anywhere!  

It’s fun and efficient!

And it can be yours today! 

europen Portuguese Vocabulary Volume 1, 2 and 3

Audio sample! Audio sample! Audio sample!

Original Price: $59.85

Save 34% - ON SALE for Only $39.50

SALE ENDS 9-15-2017  

Buy this: European Portuguese Vocabulry CD Volume 1

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Spanish Monthly Specials

Spanish Phrases for Socializing and Developing Relationships on CD

Increase your Conversational Spanish skills by learning Spanish Phrases!

Are you ready to make friends and meet new people using your Spanish language skills?

Would you like to impress your friends by using authentic conversational Spanish?

This CD will help you accomplish your goal!

Audio sample!


Practical Spanish Vocabulary Lessons - Volume 1 on CD

Twenty lessons cover a wide range of useful topics in 80 minutes of audio material. Expand vocabulary skills with hundreds of new, everyday words. Reference cards are included for visualizing the words.

Audio sample!



Conversational Spanish

Original Price: $39.90

SpanishPhrases  ON SALE for only $29.95 

SALE ENDS 9-15-2017

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Spanish Ser and Estar Lesson/Download

Are you puzzled about the verbs Ser and Estar? Perhaps you have studied them but are still unsure about which verb is appropriate in your Spanish sentences. This Spanish lesson reviews the various expressions of "to be" and provides practice in how to use both verbs correctly. Download now, start learning or improving your Spanish right now.

Available instantly!


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Original Price: $8.95

DLSer  ON SALE for only $7.60

SALE ENDS 9-15-2017

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