Maria Oliveira Blogs and Sites Overview

Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian Language Learning offers, Tips & Lessons


Maria Oliveira follows her passion for helping students to become bilingual by writing about all aspects of language-learning. She includes tips for studying, discusses learning styles, offers free language lessons, and provides useful ideas for new students, as well as those who need a motivation boost. Learning a second language can appear overwhelming for many individuals, but, in her blogs, Maria breaks things down into meaningful, manageable parts that help to demystify the process of language-learning. As a teacher and entrepreneur who has devoted her professional life to helping language students around the world, Maria Oliveira writes from a long and valued experience in her field. Visitors who take the time to read her blogs will find helpful information that will remove many hurdles to achieving their language learning goals.

Maria's four blogs focus on distinct subjects, but all of them include ideas that are relevant to a broad spectrum of language-learning issues.

Study Portuguese Abroad

Photo: Study Portuguese AbroadStudy Portuguese Abroad is a fun site that includes slide-shows from Maria's language immersion classes in the Azores. The pictures are great for casual viewing when you are in the mood for dreaming about your next trip abroad! But the blog also includes reflections on language learning in general, language immersion tours in particular, and any news or updates relating to Portuguese enthusiasts in the United States. Holidays, celebrations, recipes, and anything connected to Portuguese language and culture can appear in this blog.




Learn to Speak Portuguese

Learn to Speak Portuguese is dedicated to the Portuguese classes and audio porgrams. If you are ready to build your Portuguese vocabulary and polish your Portuguese sentences, you’ve come to the right place!


Maria's Language Learning

Maria's Language Learning is a blog about the Language Learning Center located in Richmond, California, where modern classrooms accommodate small groups of adults for vibrant, fun lessons in a variety of languages. It addresses Spanish language learning, but plans are to include the full array of languages offered at the Center, such as Portuguese, French, Italian, English for Non-Native Speakers, and more. This blog also looks at approaches to language study, and offers information about how to study, what to place your focus on, and making the learning process less overwhelming.


Online Language Learning Courses

The blog called Online Lessons features Maria's Online Lessons for Spanish and Portuguese that are available on the website. The current age of technological advancement makes learning lessons on your computer so user-friendly that it was a natural next-step from books and CDs. There are many advantages to online lessons; they work great as stand-alone lessons, or as a practice method to augment your classes. Maria recommends approaches to studying that derive from the online lessons, but she also has included clever tricks like puzzles, riddles, and other fun techniques to boost learning skills.


CEUs: Nurses & Social Workers

CEUs Nurses and Social Workers is a blog for healthcare and Social Services staff, especially for those who need Continuing Education Units, but it also serves workers of any level. Interacting with clients who don't speak English is a critical issue for those trying to function quickly and well. Learning the basics of a language as it relates to a particular field of endeavor is an important step forward efficiency and effectiveness, but it also encompasses compassion for people in need. Maria blogs about the courses and offers free sample lessons; she also explores other topics that make language-learning an approachable project.